Cholesterol Skin Care Proves Highly Effective

Published: 26th March 2010
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Is it possible that Cholesterol gets a bum rap? We never hear anything good about cholesterol only how we need to get our counts down or we are going to die of a heart attack. Well are you sitting down? Cholesterol has proven to be one of the most effective treatments for your skin to heal dry and cracked skin and to restore your skin's normal function. For years, scientists have been searching for an effective treatment of dry damaged skin, or cracked heels. But not until they began looking at cholesterol counts and free fatty acid and how their presence heals and protects your skin's "barrier" layer. The author explains how fatty acids and cholesterol can repair damaged or chapped skin in your life, from cracked heels to chapped lips and protecting your skin from further damage.

One of the most important layers of our skin is the protective layer. It is this protective layer that seals moisture in, seals essential oils and nutrients in and protects the more sensitive lower layers of your skin from the harsh elements of our environment. In order for your skin to maintain its health and remain supple, your barrier layer must be functioning normally. Well it is this very layer and function that cholesterol and fatty acids are winning accolades for their treatment of.

One particular brand of ingredient that has combined cholesterol and fatty acids is Super-Sterol Liquid. If you are trying to treat dry hands or dry feet, or just looking for and hand or foot cream strictly for maintenance, be sure to check to see if the product contains Super-Sterol. If it does you can trust that the product will treat and heal that essential barrier layer of your skin. Its use in hand and foot cream is important because of the fact that these extremities are exposed the most.

Cholesterol is not just used on hands and feet however, it is also used in the treatment of cracked and damaged lips. Another body part that is exposed and seldom protected effectively is the lip area. In clinical studies dry, cracked lips are treated with relative ease with cholesterol and fatty acids. In fact, there is no part of your body that can dry out and crack and split that cholesterol and fatty acids will not help heal.

Rather than always looking at cholesterol in a negative light, let's take a more optimistic approach. Seek out cholesterol in hand creams and foot creams and even in lip treatment. You will be surprised at how effective and how quickly it will heal your ailments. Skin care has changed a lot over the years and the use of cholesterol is just another example of how far we have come. Scientists continue to learn more about skin care each day, and we can expect the same radical advancements in the next few years to come as well.

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