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Published: 29th March 2010
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The most commonly used reason for purchasing a foot cream is to treat dry feet. Feet grow dry due to a number of aspects of day to day life and the must be treated before the issue grows out of hand. We must find a foot cream that not only treats the dry feet and damaged skin, but also replenishes our skin's protective or "barrier" layer of skin. To do this we must use a quality foot cream and not a glorified moisturizer that is slightly thicker and makes outstanding claims. The best foot cream for dry feet will contain a number of ingredients that will indicate its quality. Before you purchase your next foot cream, make sure it has these ingredients so that this will be the last time that you have to treat your dry feet.

You should always check the ingredient list on all skin care products that you purchase. Ingredients are the tell tale sign of the quality of foot cream, hand cream or wrinkle cream you are choosing. The absence of high profile ingredients means the absence of quality and the less likely you are to achieve the results you desire. Taking the time to look at ingredients before you purchase can save you hundreds of dollars on ineffective products, but you do need to know what you are looking for.

The first ingredient that you must have in a foot cream is Super-Sterol Liquid. This cholesterol based ingredient has proven to be the most effective treatment for dry, cracked feet. Not only does it moisturize dry feet and restore the cellular sustenance, it works to rebuild your protective layer of your skin. This protective seal that Super Sterol repairs is what keeps your feet from drying out and even works cracking and splitting. Repairing this layer of your skin is top priority for a foot cream, and it should be your starting point in treating your dry feet.

The next ingredients you want to look for is a combination of essential oils. Neem Oil and Karanja Oil have been linked to a number of therapeutic uses for the body, but none as prevalent as the treatment of dry cracked heels. These two essential oils focus on wound healing and tissue repair. The combination of these two oils and Super Sterol is a knockout punch for feet, and the necessary steps to eliminating the problem permanently.

The last ingredients you should be searching for are designed to soothe and relieve tired, aching feet. Peppermint Oil has been used to do this in foot creams for years and it is still very highly recommended. Scientist now believe that the best recipe is the combination of Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus Oil. Both are cooling and soothing to the feet and this blend is quite relaxing for foot cream users.

The search for a quality foot cream is not as hard as you may think. Relatively speaking, there are not that many foot creams to compare, and when you begin looking for total foot treatment, or for the ingredients listed above, the search becomes that much easier. Make sure your foot cream contains these ingredients and kiss your dry feet goodbye.

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