How to Find the Best Neck Cream

Published: 02nd February 2010
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As the years go by time and gravity do what they do best and that's make our skin saggy and wrinkled; true signs of aging. Many turn to surgical lifts and tucks to tighten loose skin caused by age, obesity and sun damage, never considering a safe and natural alternative in the form of a neck cream. The best neck creams are designed to tighten the skin surrounding the neck through cellular regeneration. Surgeries are painful, time consuming, and costly, usually ranging between $1000 and $10,000. I know I say "neck cream" casually, like everyone knows what to look for. But thankfully I have decided to write an article specifically on how to find the best skin tightening neck cream for you.

First thing is, don't buy into those fancy commercials or fancy celebrity spokesperson, as a company promoting their product should be able to stand by their products and their ingredients, not clever or expensive advertising. You'll come to find that some of the best anti aging and skin care products are made by the smaller "mom and pop" companies so to speak. Usually smaller companies are more eco conscious and only sell products made from the highest quality, all natural ingredients. They also stand behind their ingredients 100%, knowing that the best things come from nature and are willing to bet their reputation on the effectiveness of their products.

Next, is to start reading and researching as much about specific neck creams as you can. Check customer review sites and look for unbiased responses and testimonials from actual customers not clever sales men posing as third party consumers. Find out as much as you can about a specific product; where it's made and what's in it, etc. If you the research fits and you feel comfortable to move forward than go ahead.

The best neck creams will always be free of harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances as well as being free of any animal by products like animal collagen and elastin. Many believe that simply introducing collagen into the skin will get it to "grow". Sorry, but that's not how it works, so avoid any products that are made with animal collagen. Instead, some of the best neck creams contain stem cells harvested from various plants, the theory being that the "un-programmed" stem cells should stimulate the regeneration of new, healthy skin cells, therefore tightening loose skin and deeply enriched wrinkles.

Trying to find the best neck cream just got easier now that you know what to look for and what to avoid. Stay away from super heavy sales pitches or "free" trials and make sure that you know what's in your neck cream. Avoid products made with animal compounds, mainly because their ineffective and unnecessary. If you want to find the best neck cream for you then follow these simple suggestions and you should be just fine.

Felix Owns is a researcher and reviewer of every aspect of skin care. He has been educating people and providing advice on things like finding the best neck creams and eye gels to organic acne treatments and moisturizers.

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