What Ingredients Work Best To Treat Dry Hands?

Published: 26th May 2010
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Our hands are among the most useful albeit one of the most neglected parts of our body, not for any sort of malicious intent but simply because most of us are so busy, we just don't think about it. The hands are constantly exposed to everything from the elements, age, accidents and the general ware and tare life can have on your skin. When the hands are neglected and deprived of essential nutrients and they can become incredibly dry, resulting in painful cracks which can lead to an even more painful infection. If dry hands are something that you've been desperately trying to heal, then maybe it's time that you begin searching for a hand cream that is made with the most effective ingredients on the skin care market.

It's important that upon searching for a top of the line hand cream, that you thoroughly research any ingredient that you're not familiar with or any that may sound suspect. Try and avoid hand creams that are made with chemical additives or synthetic perfumes as many of the most common ingredients in some odd 30,000 skin care products are synthetic in nature and have been linked to everything from simple skin irritation to severe allergic reactions and even cancer and organ failure. There are many skin care products including hand creams that are made out of completely organic ingredients that are not only totally safe but incredibly effective.

One such ingredient is a 100% organic combination of fatty acids and cholesterols known as Super Sterol Liquid. Super Sterol Liquid is highly sought after because it actually mimics the skin's lipid system, which is responsible for maintaining hydration levels of the skin. Besides thoroughly moisturizing the skin, Super Sterol Liquid also creates a barrier that locks in moisture without suffocating the skin while protecting the skin from sun damage and other dangers like pollution.

Niacinimides are another essential ingredient that should be a staple in any hand cream as they target and attack some of the main causes of dry cracked hands. An incredibly potent anti inflammatory and anti oxidant, Niacinimides calm and soothe dry, cracked skin as well aiding in the reduction of sun and liver spots on the surface of the hands. Ferula Foetida Extract usually works in partnership with Niacinimides as it is also a world renowned anti oxidant that heals and nourishes the skin while protecting the skin from further damage.
Hand creams may be a dime a dozen if you're walking down the skin care aisle at your local pharmacy or spa, but to find one with the right ingredients is hard to come by. Try reading hand cream review websites that are written and maintained by actual consumers, not salesmen. Consult a dermatologist as well as they may be able to recommend a quality hand cream for you to completely treat and heal your dry hands.

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